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Zeeburgerpad 53 | 1019 AB Amsterdam
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The newest Dutch documentary production company [boondocs] was founded in 2018 by Jasper Boon and stands for original, author driven documentaries by artists who are living their art.


Director: Guido Hendrikx. Country: NL. Co-producer: Aventura. Sales: Square Eyes. Duration: 60 min. Status: post production. 

An enigmatic entity roams the Dutch hinterlands, silently pointing a camera at all that it encounters. Soon it finds itself standing in front of a doorway. Met with an uninvited, inscrutable camera operator, how will the region’s inhabitants respond?



Director: Festus Toll. 

Michael Nyawade was 22 years old when he left Kenya and his family in 1990 to look for greener pastures in Europe. Although he always kept the thought of his motherland alive. After 30 years he decided to return to Kenya definitively.

The Dutch-born filmmaker Festus Toll travels after his uncle and poetically investigates what the concept of home means to Michael, himself and his newborn cousin Genson Kiumbi. The three family generations each have to deal with it in their own way. Moral issues, the search for identity, old and new visual material come together in this short documentary about the meaning of home for a half-European, half-African child.


Director: Sebastian Mulder. Duration: 25 min. Status: post production. 

In this 25 minute documentary director Sebastian Mulder follows the tracks of the wolf Naya, by the huge amount of data that is collected: camera-recordings, gps-coordinates, samples, news items and so on.

Sebastian Mulder (1994) has always been fascinated with the changing relationships between humans and nature and has a love for experimental en poetic documentaries. Raising questions about the future of our world is what Sebastian wants to achieve with his films. His previous film Nature: All Rights Reserved (2017) screened at various filmfestivals as Palm Springs, Interfilm and the Netherlands Film Festival.