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Docmakers is a collective of award-winning documentary filmmakers, comprised of Aliona van der Horst, Suzanne Raes, Sanne Rovers, Yan Ting Yuen, writer Fabie Hulsebos and producer Ilja Roomans. At Docmakers everything is done from a creative perspective. We love films that require stamina, but we get just as excited about unusual, unexpected, or time-sensitive projects that need more of a flexible approach. We like to work together off the beaten track and in collaboration with other disciplines. Docmakers offers young, less experienced filmmakers the opportunity to be supported by seasoned professionals and we also make a unique contribution to the development of proven talent. In addition to productions by Docmakers directors, we also produce films from external directors and take part in international co-productions.



Director: Suzanne Raes, Script writer: Suzanne Raes & Fabie Hulsebos, Country: NL, Status: in production, Sort: mid length, Duration: 50 minutes, Genre: documentary.

The successful theatre couple Ivo van Hove and Jan Versweyveld (ITA) are working on a large-scale production called Age of Rage with their own ensemble, in which they intend to bring together everything they have learned over the past 40 years. The film focuses on the microcosm of their collaboration and unravels the story of a love that is uniquely sustained by creating great theatre together.


Director: Peter Delpeut, Script writer: Peter Delpeut, Country: NL, Status: in production, Sort: mid length, Duration: 50 minutes, Genre: documentary

Filmmaker Peter Delpeut and cameraman Stef Tijdink return to the England they filmed twenty years ago in their travel documentary In Loving Memory. They investigate whether they can still love England as intensely as they did then. Or was that England perhaps a dreamed England? Will they now, after Brexit and Black Lives Matter, find a grimmer and less romantic England?


Director: Maria Augusta Ramos, Script writer: Maria Augusta Ramos, Country: Brazil/NL/Germany, Status: in production, Sort: feature length, Duration: 80 minutes, Genre: documentary.

After almost three decades of democratic stability, Brazil is flirting with fascism. Award winning director Maria Ramos looks at the decisive role the judiciary has been playing in this process, how ‘lawfare’ – the use of the law as a weapon against political opponents – is endangering democracy all over the world. Three journalists from the newspaper El País investigate how an anti-corruption criminal operation was turned into an instrument of ideological persecution by an unscrupulous judge and helped the far right and Bolsonaro to power.


Director: Sanne Rovers, Script writer: Sanne Rovers, Country: NL, Status: in production, Sort: feature length, Duration: 70 minutes, Genre: documentary.

Crazy Days is a documentary in opera style about the resilience, ingenuity and passion of the key players of the Dutch National Opera. The performing arts have been hit hard by the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Dutch National Opera faces a major challenge: how to make the enormous effort of Le Nozze de Figaro worthwhile, without a live audience to enjoy it.


Director: Emma Lesuis, Script writer: Emma Lesuis, Country: NL, Status: in production, Sort: mid length, Duration: 50 minutes, Genre: documentary.

Recently, Emma’s father in law gave her a suitcase full of colonial archive material from Suriname. When the Black Lives Matter protests break out and she discovers that she is pregnant, she realises that in her baby different strands of Surinamese history will be coming together: black and white, the coloniser and the colonised. In a letter to her child, she explores the impact of this heritage and the colour of your skin. How can she prepare her for this?