Janneke Doolaard, Sylvia Baan & Harmen Jalvingh
Nieuwendammerkade 28C-13 | 1022 AB Amsterdam | +31 204222607
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Amsterdam-based film production company DOXY lays emphasis on producing quality films of all manifestations – from a ‘feature length selfie’ to (drama) series and the more ‘traditional’ documentary. We’ve also broadened our playing field with sports related films. Our starting point is to combine a relevant subject with an original visual style, reflecting a curious, critical and inspired eye on our society.

Our team has been active in film production for years. Recent titles include Sheltered (Dierbaren) by Saskia Gubbels (IDFA 2020, Visions du Réel 2021), Stop Filming Us by Joris Postema (Dutch Movies Matter Award 2020, Nomination Prix Europa 2020), Chrystal Film-winner Camino, a feature length selfie bij Martin de Vries. The releases of Sisyphus at Work (Ramon Gieling), Here we move here we groove (Sergej Kreso) and The mirror and the window (Diégo Gutierrez) are planned for 2021.

CEO/Producer Janneke Doolaard is graduated from EAVE in 2014, Producer on the Move during Cannes in 2016 and member of the board of Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance (NAPA).


L’Amour / La Mort 

Director & Screenwriter: Ramón Gieling (Erbarme Dich, Mattheus Passion Stories, En Un Momento Dado – Johan Cruijff) Countries: NL/BE. Co-producers: KRO-NCRV, Netherlands Filmfund and -Production Incentive, CoBO, NPO-fund. Status: in (pre) production, looking for international (sales) partners.  Duration: 75-90 and 55 min.  Genre: documentary opera.  Film Distributor NL: Cinemien by Out TV.

Based on five exceptional love histories, the musical odyssey L'Amour/La Mort challenges the secret alliance between love and death. Is love actually synonymous with suffering and therefore comparable to a disease?

A documentary opera in three acts.

The Wu's 

Director: Nicole van Kilsdonk. Screenwriters: Yan Ting Yuen, Ilse Ott. Countries: NL/CH. Co-producers: NTR, NPO-fund. Duration: 8 x 50 min. Genre: high end dramady. 

An family chronicle that does not shy away from the controversies, about three generations within a Sino-Dutch family and their restaurant, that is not only the lifeblood of the Wu family, but also of the regular customers of a primeval Dutch town. A place where generations and cultures come together and burst between the aquariums.

A series that gives a relentless insight into Sino-Dutch culture through the pass-through hatch and the changed Netherlands over the years. A sweet-sour drama about a family restaurant that gets you hungry - but be careful what you eat...