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Amsterdam-based leading film production company DOXY lays emphasis on producing quality films of all manifestations – from documentary and fiction to projects in between. We’ve also broadened our playing field with sports related films. Starting point of DOXY is to develop and produce films that combine relevant subjects with an original visual style from emerging (inter)national filmmakers, reflecting a curious, critical and inspired eye on our society. It involves the reflection of people, stories, visual languages ​​and presentation-forms that give our society a twenty-first century face. In the Netherlands, Europe and the whole world. That face is shaped by cultural diversity and multi disciplinarily.

Last year slatefunding has been made available by the Netherlands Film Fund to DOXY for the artistic development of new films.

Producer Janneke Doolaard graduated from European Producers Network EAVE in 2014 and was delegated as Producer on the Move representing The Netherlands during Cannes International Film Festival in 2016. Sinds 2020 Janneke is member of the board of Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance (NAPA).


Sisyphus at Work

Directed, written and edited by: Ramon Gieling. Country: the Netherlands and Belgium. Coproducer: Savage Film, Bart van Langendonck. Genre: Drama. Status: post-production.

Filmdirector Boy Talma returns to his hometown after having lived in New York for 7 years, to shoot his new musical film, inspired by Albert Camus’ ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’.

At the start of his film, Boy finds out that he has only nine months left to live. He decides to keep his death sentence a secret, even to his wife Zelda. The scenes he imagines for his "musical film" begin to coincide with his own life. Friends, enemies and loved ones are given a role in his fantasized film. More and more Boy is losing himself in the abyss between fiction and reality, while in a special friendship with the lonesome daughter of his deceased assistant, he makes a final, rebellious journey. At the wrap party of his film, which he completed in his imagination, he is the only one who must stay after midnight.

Stop Filming Us

Directed by: Joris Postema. Country: The Netherlands. Duration: 95 min & 55 min. Genre: documentary. Status: release

Can a Western filmmaker show anything of truth about the Democratic Republic of Congo? Or do Western 'good intentions' only cause destruction and frustration? While meeting three young artists from Goma who oppose the one-sided Western imagery, Joris Postema tries to discover the mutual preconceptions that are gripping them and us. Questions also arise about the perspective of the film itself: Is a white director able to make a film about Congolese imagery, or is it just another one-sided Western story?