Graniet Film

Marc van Warmerdam & Marten van Warmerdam
Archangelkade 15 | 1013 BE Amsterdam
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Graniet Film was founded to produce director and writer Alex van Warmerdam films. It resulted in nine nationally and internationally appreciated films including Borgman (2013), which was in the official selection for the Cannes competition in 2013. The films were made possible by long-term partnerships with distributors, sales agents, broadcasters, funds and foreign co-producers. It led to a number of international collaborations like Donbass (Sergei Loznitsa, 2018) and Angel (Koen Mortier, 2018). No.10, the latest film Alex van Warmerdam will premiere in 2021.

Projects in development are The Invisible Man (Maaik Krijgsman), The Maalstroom (Teddy Cherim) and Pont-aux-Pins (Kees Prins and Roel Bloemen).


No. 10 (Nr. 10)

Director & Screenwriter: Alex van Warmerdam. Cast: Tom Dewispelaere. Country: NL/BE. Co-producers: Czar Film&TV (BE). Status: post-production. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 100 min. Genre: thriller. Broadcaster NL: BNNVARA. Distribution: Cinéart (Benelux). Sales: Nine Film.

An actor without a past is overwhelmed by a series of strangers who strongarm him into his future.


The Invisible Man

Director & Screenwriter: Maaik Krijgsman.

A successful artist gets lost when his muse - an illegal migrant - turns out to deal with the truth in the same creative way as himself. 

The Maalstroom

Director: Teddy Cherim. Writer: Kim Kokosky Deforchaux. 

While transporting a shipful of white desert sand from Le Havre to a city beach in Rotterdam inland boatman Jan discovers an East-African refugee camp in the hold of his family ship, De Maalstroom. These unexpected passengers force Jan to face the present world that has been passing him by for years.


Director: T.B.D. Writers: Kees Prins & Roel Bloemen. 

A man is driven to a desperate act because his friend doesn't want to tell him what they were talking about before he went to the bathroom. Years later, this fatal incident forces a woman to look for the truth but comes face to face with a lie.