Studio Ruba

Maarten van der Ven & Layla Meijman
Johan van Hasseltkade 314 | 1032 LP Amsterdam
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Studio Ruba is a new Amsterdam based boutique production company founded by producers Maarten van der Ven and Layla Meijman. With a select group of filmmakers they focus on creating cinematic cutting edge stories, being involved from start to finish. Both producers have a hands on mentality and knowledge on both the productional as the creative side, guiding projects with great care. Before founding Ruba in 2019 Layla and Maarten gained years of experience producing (and line producing) award winning feature films, shorts and documentaries such as Take Me Somewhere Nice (Ena Sendijarevic), Waterboys (Robert-Jan Westdijk), A Goat For A Vote (Jeroen van Velzen) and most recently Boy Meets Gun (Joost van Hezik).



Director: Dwight Fagbamila. Writer: Dwight Fagbamila & Kim Kokosky Deforchau. Country: NL. Status: in production. Sort: feature-length debut film. Duration: 90 min. Genre: drama / magic realism.

When the birth of his first child is approaching, unstable Omar must face the loss of his father who died at a young age to come to terms with himself.

The Idyll and Other Exotics

Writer & Director: Aaron Rookus. Country: NL, tba. Status: in development / financing. Part of: Boost NL & EAVE. Sort: feature-length film. Duration: 100 min. Genre: black comedy.

The Idyll and Other Exotics is a black comedy about six characters, all in different phases of their lives but united in loneliness. While trying to get a grip on the smaller and larger things of daily life, they scream inside but do not dare to ask for help. When each of them is confronted with a certain form of death, they realize the future is not something you can mould. They’re forced to deal with the current circumstances, whether it was created by faith or formed by your own choices.