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Denis Vaslin & Fleur Knopperts
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VOLYA FILMS is a Rotterdam based film production company that produces high quality feature films, documentaries and animations for the national and international market, mainly as international co-productions. Our films tell unexpected stories with an original style or perspective. Recent titles are MRS F. (Chris van der Vorm, 2020, One World FF Prague, Dutch Golden Calf Competition NFFl), THE MOLE AGENT (Maite Alberdi, 2020, Oscar Academy Award® nominee Best Documentary Feature) and A LAND IMAGINED (Yeo Siew Hua, 2018, Locarno Film Festival - winner Golden Leopard).

Volya Films is a member of the EAVE, Eurodoc, and ACE networks and is a member of the NAPA.



Director: Sander Burger. Screenwriter: Sander Burger. Cast: Amani-Jean Philippe, Lies Visschedijk, Céline Camara, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo, Kenneth Herdigein. Country: NL/GE/LU. Co-producer: Leitwolf (GE), Tarantula (LU). Status: In production. Release: October 2022. Sort: Feature. Duration: 90 min. Genre: Family film. Distribution/Sales: In The Air Entertainment/Dutch Features.

Faced with the imminent deportation of her family, young Ama embarks on a quest to stay in the country she calls home and finds help from her totem animal, a giant porcupine.

Birth Marks (w.t.)

Director: Rudolf van den Berg. Screenwriter: Rudolf van den Berg (based on the novel ‘Moedervlekken’ by Arnon Grunberg). Status: In development. Sort: Feature. Duration: 120 min. Genre: Drama.

When psychiatrist Kadoke starts getting as depressed as his suicidal patients, he sees himself forced to deal with the terrors of his deceased mother.